Laser Stars wholesale
Wholesale laser stars


You picture or video can really show the amazing work of the laser stars. 
Star gazing right in your home with the laser star projector

Mystical ghost green is what we call it with its green laser technology fills an entire room with tons of moving stars and cosmic cloud formations!

You remember as a child putting up the glow in the dark stickies with stars on your wall.  Mom was not to happy about that !  No more with the newest  space gadget 

Presenting Laser Stars; For kids and adults especially NASA lovers.  The most Spectacular light display you will ever see in your home.

Watch as constellations move around your room greating cosmic galaxies.  No need for a telescope as thhere are plenty to see
 Uses All New Green Laser and Holographic Technology
2 Built-In Precision Glass Lenses
Transforms the Largest or Smallest Rooms into Your Own Personal Animated Universe
Creates Thousands of Stars with or without Cloud Formations
Look for the Romantic Shooting Stars Across the Night Sky
NOT A TOY, This is an Experience You Will Never Forget
AC Adapter Included
Simple to Use, Just Plug It In


Laser stars

Watch the cosmos come alive with the new laser stars wholesale

Wholesale Specs on LaserStar

The Laser Star Projector is approximately 29 x 25 x 20 cm in size, comes with a mains power supply and can be pivoted to any angle.