Dropshipping - Drop ship

What is Drop Shipping or drop shipping.
Well this enables new customers as well as old customers to try out a product and never actually carry it in their online store ore @ theirlocation but have a picture of the item in their catalog. 

Why is Dropshipping good?  Well this enables you the buyer / store to never stock the product and see if it is something that will sell for you while keeping cash flow free for other ventures. 

Another positive benifit of our drop ship program is we offer you what is called BLIND DROP SHIPPING meaning the customer never really knows it comes from us as they never see our company name on any paperwork or labels.

 Drop shipping does have some downfalls though.


Downfalls of Dropshipping are our prices are a little higher as it takes a longer to process many smaller orders than shipping larger orders to our customers who prefer to stock the items.

If you are looksing to set up a dropship account with us feel free to email us and we can send you the details.