Glow Bricks (Out of Stock)

Glow Bricks are Out of this world!.
Cast in Acrylic with a real bulb in side. These gather ambient light during the day and @ night will amaze you with their glowing.  

  • No Plugs or power needed. 
  • Average amount of time the Glow Brick produces light is 8 hours and then it needs more light. 
  • Just put in on your desk in a window by a light and you are ready again. 

The Glow brick is A Great Addition to the Bathroom or a kids bedroom as well for the free source light such as a night light!!!
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Discontinued Item Bio-Spheres Will no longer be carrying this Suckuk item Please Contact them directly for import opportunities.


The Glow Brick makes a great conversation piece as well.  We like to keep ours in the bathroom for those late night excursions so we don't trip over the cat/dog or misc toy that happens to have found its way on the floor.  



For some of us a single light bulb in each room of the house is quite satisfactory for our lighting needs. But for gadget loving grown ups like the rest of us geeks that just isn't cool enough. Just a single bulb in each room, what a load of piff!  If you want to get a bit more experimental with your lighting illumination, now you can with the Glow Brick!

This odd looking block of acrylic is one extremely strange piece of lighting.  It contains a phosphorescent real light bulb that seems to float within its transparent walls. When it gets dark, the bulb begins to glow a eerie shade of emerald green.  We promise it shouldn't scare your little ones if you use it for a night light though.

By day the Glow Brick is an eye catching artistic display of your unique style.  By night the transmogrification ( yes that is a real word but our editors forgot to look up the spelling so let us know if it is correct) .  A real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  No more Mr. darkness as the Glow Brick will chase the Shadows away for up to 8 hours. Because The Glow brick has no power cords and no batteries it almost appears as if it's powered by unknown forces! Mind you, that would be stupid. It's really powered by the sun and ambient lighting and soaks up the light during the day and then releases it at night.

As well as giving your room a very eerie glow, it's also a great centre piece for any gathering. Wait until your friends lay their eyes on it and we can guarantee that you and your Glow Brick will be talk of the town. The Glow Brick is the next best thing to remote-controlled lighting. In fact it's probably one step better because you don't even have to switch it on!

  • 11 x 7.8 x 7.8cm
  • No batteries required (solar powered) 
  • NOW AVAILABLE The Blue Glow Brick
  • Left represents Green Right is the Blue

Glow bricks Wholesale Green

Glow bricks need no recharging

Glow Bricks Wholeslase Blue

The new Blue glow bricks are now in stock..  All of our wholesale customers have loved the geen ones and have been begging us for a new one so here it is,